Regency passion that defies all rules…

BRAND NEW: Heir in Despair

"He only wants to marry. He does not want to marry me!"

William Shaw’s whole life is dedicated to his duty. Being a barrister and punishing criminals is his only escape from the guilt inside him. When he learns that he inherited his uncle’s title and he has to leave his profession behind, he is devastated.

But being the new Earl of Cornwall brings him… new kind of problems.

Clara Griffith lost all of her fortune after her father’s death. She now works as a governess for a barrister’s young sister. And her employer is a temptation in the flesh.

When the newly appointed Earl approaches her with a marriage proposal she is startled. She knows that he just wants to stop the mothers and daughters of the Ton vying for his attention.

But this marriage of convenience would ensure not only her future but her younger sister’s as well.

She just has to be careful not to let her desires get in the way.

They both started this game as allies. But in the heart’s game, the roles can easily change. And your biggest enemy can become your savior. If only you let him in…

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Lorena Owen

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Lorena Owen may live in America, but she is a world’s citizen. Her two great loves are traveling and writing. Thankfully, one inspires the other. She writes about places she visited in the past and faces she saw just once.

Let Lorena take you to Regency England with her novels. If you want to read about passion, intrigue, mystery with a happy ending, don’t hesitate to grab one of her stories.

Because that’s the thing about books; they let you travel without even moving your feet!

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