The Duke’s Scandalous Bluestocking (Extended Epilogue)


Happiness, when found, can make the time feel as though it has sprouted wings. And so, too, Alice found that the months with her husband felt shorter than any she had experienced at her childhood home.

Alice and her sister sat in the drawing-room, the late afternoon light falling lightly through the window.

“I’m ever so excited to be an aunt!” Nancy cried, her hands at her cheeks. “Have the two of you settled on a name quite yet?”

“Not yet,” Alice said. “We have many ideas, though; too many, in fact. That seems to be the problem!” She placed a hand against her stomach. “Oh, I do believe I felt a little kick!”

Nancy laughed, pure delight in her lovely voice. “Goodness!” she said. “I’m in for an energetic niece or nephew, then! How delightful!”

“You have yourself to thank for your niece or nephew,” Alice reminded her. “If you hadn’t come home with that silly invitation, none of this ever would have occurred.”

Nancy smiled, glancing down. “I suppose that’s right.”

Alice studied her sister’s expression. Something seemed off about her, but Alice was unable to put her finger on what it could be.

“Have you been to any exciting events, sister?” Alice asked. “Any balls of note?”

Again, Nancy looked away. “No,” she said. “Not of late. I haven’t had the time to attend such things in ever so long…”

“No time?” Alice asked. “Why, however are you spending it, then? Perhaps you’re being courted by a gentleman?”

Nancy wouldn’t catch her gaze, no matter how Alice tried.

“It’s of no consequence,” she said, the smile back in her eyes. “Come, I must be off. It is getting rather late, and I don’t wish to keep Father waiting.”

“Alice!” Henry called from the front door. “I thought I heard your voice. Are you—Oh, Nancy, how good to see you!”

Henry bent low to kiss Alice, scooping her into his arms. He kissed her again and again until she pushed him away playfully.

“Oh, go on, you villain,” Alice laughed.

“It was ever so wonderful to see you, sister!” Nancy called behind her. “And you as well, dear Henry!”

Alice shut the door behind her sister, smiling up at her husband. “I’m glad that you returned home in time to see Nancy, at least for a moment,” she said. “She is so fond of you.”

“I’m quite fond of her as well,” Henry said. “No better sister for you could I have imagined.”

Alice sighed, thinking back to Nancy’s evasiveness. “Nancy hasn’t attended any balls in quite some time. Do you think that something has perhaps happened?”

Henry raised his eyebrows. “Happened?” he asked. “Whatever could you mean?” Henry smiled at his wife, his eyes crinkling at her. “I think you have perhaps too many fears due to the nature of our relationship. Relax, darling. Your sister is a clever girl and can take care of herself.”

Alice watched Henry shed his coat and hang it, his shoulders shrugging wearily. The afternoon sun shone down on him through the window, and she could see the brown tones in his dark hair that so often look black.

He turned to see her watching him. “Is there something wrong?” he asked quizzically.

“No, nothing,” she said, shaking her head. She wasn’t aware that she’d been positively staring at him. “I am just musing over how happy I am to have you in my life. Can you imagine if our paths had never crossed?”

Henry stepped closer to her, pulling her against him. He brushed a lock of dark brown hair that had fallen away from her chignon, tucking it behind her ear.

“That never could have happened,” Henry said softly. “We were fated to meet, Alice. No one but you would have been so caring as to accompany your sister to a strange gentleman’s house, and no one but you would have been so bold as to escape the confines of her home a second night.”

He looked at her, love radiating from his eyes as he continued. “No, only you would ever have embodied exactly what I wanted and desperately, desperately needed. It would not have been an easy opportunity to miss. Not for one as remarkable as you.”

As he held Alice close to him, she closed her eyes and committed this moment to memory.

For years and years to come, she would be able to recall exactly how warm Henry felt against her, how comforted she felt in his arms. She could feel his breath against her neck, his hand against her waist, but most of all she would recall the simultaneous beating of their hearts.

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  • A great story. I enjoyed it very much. I wanted to read a little more in the extended epilogue, however. I wanted to know what Nancy’s dilemma was. Loved happier ever after.

  • I enjoyed the story. Yes, I wished there was more to the extended epilogue. Having said that, I’m not a fan of extended epilogues. I don’t know why this has become a thing. I would prefer all of the story be incorporated into the book. I am looking forward to Nancy’s story.

  • Throughly enjoyed reading Henry and Alice’s story. I read the book in one day could not put it down. Thank you for a beautiful love story.

  • This was a lovely romantic story of Alice and Henry! It shows that what a person’s character makes them truly unique and not the outward beauty that mostly counts in true love for one another.

  • A bit disappointed in the extended epilogue. I liked the story wanted to know what would happen to Nancy but left with a cliff hanger same could be said about Alice and Henry with baby. I have to also admit that I am not particularly happy with extended epilogues as feel the story is still left unfinishe!

    • Hello dear Bella, thanks for your honest feedback! However I wrote this extended epilogue in order to give you an extra glimpse and some extra info for the main characters’ future and start developing Nancy’s upcoming story! I am sorry that you didn’t like it.

  • I enjoyed Alice and Henry’s story. Feel sorry for Robert, could he not be forgiven and find happiness withNancy?

  • This was a sweet and heartfelt book. The characters were engaging and delightful. Look forward to reading Nancy’s story.

  • Enjoyed the book. Extended episode could of been included in the book. It needed a lot more development. Felt li,like, it was just an after thought.

    • Thanks for your comment, dear Karen! The truth is that the extended epilogue is just bonus content for my beloved readers so they can have one more glance into the couple’s happy future! 🙂

  • Alice and Henry’s story was a wonderful and beautiful read. The book had excitement, passion, hurt feelings, but most of all 💘 love.
    Was an enjoyable book to read.

  • Loved this story of Henry and Alice. Love makes changes happen …the way we see each other and how we tread paths so different to those we ever imagined for ourselves. This is what happened in this story. Thank you for creating this magic for your readers.

  • How wonderful and fortuitous that fate brought Henry and Alice together and revealed the plot to break them apart. Thank you for a wonderful story!

  • I really enjoyed the story. I especially enjoyed the closeness of the sisters. I wish there would not be extended epilogues. A book should end and if there was more to the story it should just be in the next book which I would happily read.

  • It was a good story. Although his cousin’s betrayal was horrible. Love won out. I enjoyed the read. Looking forward to more.

  • Really enjoyed the book. Although I am no fan of extended epilogues. Still I like that you added some spice to the book as there is nothing more boring than novels without hot scenes. Looking forward to Nancy’s story.

  • I truly liked the story very much. But I was disappointed in the short extended epilogue. If you are not going to put the words in the story then please put them in the epilogue. I love a long one. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for your honest review, dear Robert! I’m glad you overall enjoyed my story, and I will take your comment about the extended epilogue into consideration!🙂

  • I enjoyed the story but I hate extended epilogues. Especially short, pointless ones. Make it part of the book to start with. They’re annoying. Hopefully Nancy’s story will be just as good.

  • Loved the story and all of the characters were so wonderful and exceptional that they jumped from each page.

  • Really not a fan of extended epilogues. I would much prefer to have it included in the story proper. Bring it all to a complete conclusion.

  • Thank You for the extended epilogue. I have often wondered about the future of the characters in many of these novels.

    • Thank you for your comment, dear Martina! I’m happy to offer you a little glimpse of my characters’ lives after the end of each novel. I’m glad you like it!

  • Dear Lorena, l absolutely loved your entire box collection, enjoyed every story, all your stories played with my emotions (l felt l was right there amongst the regency)
    I am looking forward to reading all the stories you have and are yet to produce, thank you so much.

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