The Duke’s Twin Lust (Extended Epilogue)

Five Years Later

“Michael,” Amelia said in a tone she hoped was stern enough to convey her exasperation. “You absolutely cannot take Christian riding with you.”

Michael put on the confused look he liked use nowadays whenever he was seconds away from disobeying her. “Mother,” he said. “Christian needs to learn now. I would hate for him to turn out like you.”

Amelia narrowed her eyes. But, before she could say anything, Christian’s childish voice interrupted her.

“Mama, I want to go,” he said. He had a stubborn look in his eyes, the kind of look Amelia knew from experience meant he was about to throw a tantrum.

“You’re only five years old,” she said, her exasperation growing. Christian had been a lot to handle since the day he’d been born. He also seemed to be getting more trying by the day.

“But I want to go,” Christian said, his lips pursed.

Amelia sighed, turning around for help. But Mary, who was on the other side of the drawing-room, was busy knitting with Christopher, Christian’s twin brother. She appeared to have paid no attention to Christian and Michael’s words.

“Mother,” Michael said. “I promise you we will come to no harm.”

Michael was speaking formally now, the tone he used when he wanted to sound much more like the little lord Ernest was raising him to be.

Amelia pushed her amusement away. “Do you remember when you promised me he would come to no harm some months ago?” She jabbed at the healing scar on Christian’s head.

“I’m going to ride,” Christian said, his chin raised stubbornly. And before Amelia could stop him, he waddled away, his steps full of determination. Michael shot her an apologetic glance before he hurried after the boy.

Amelia buried her face in her arms, her amusement threatening to overpower her. She turned to look at Christopher. Unlike his brother, Christopher much preferred being indoors, learning new words, or watching Mary as she knitted. He also liked to watch Rebecca embroider whenever she visited, asking her whether he could help. He was far easier to handle than Christian was.

“I take it you couldn’t stop them,” someone said from behind Amelia.

Amelia turned around. Smiling at her from the doorway was her husband.

“You,” she said furiously. “I suppose you put the idea in their heads in the first place, didn’t you?”

Ernest grinned. “I merely told the young lads I was an expert rider at five.” He crossed the room in a few steps, standing right in front of her. “You don’t need to worry,” he said. “The stable boys will make sure nothing will happen to them.”

It was far harder to stay angry at him when he was this close to her, staring at her with his intense blue eyes. And so Amelia let out a sigh and turned away, her gaze falling on Christopher and Mary.

“Chris,” Ernest called.

Christopher appeared to not have noticed his father’s appearance. With a squeal, he ran to him, and Ernest lifted him into his arms.

“How are you doing, mister?” Ernest asked as he kissed his son’s brow.

Christopher whispered something to him. Ernest laughed and whispered something back. Amelia watched them, her heart growing warmer by the minute. Over the past five years, Ernest had not only proven to be one of the best dukes she had ever known. He had also proven to be the best father she knew. He was open and loving with his children, making sure to spend as much time with them as he could.

At first, Amelia had had the feeling Ernest would take more of an interest in Christian, as the boy was more interested in physical activities. Christian loved to volunteer to watch Ernest at his boxing lessons or as Ernest rode around the manor grounds. Amelia knew that noblemen usually attached more importance to sons who seemed they would be good at ruling.

But, somehow, Ernest had surprised her. He seemed to cherish his time with Christian, but Amelia knew he had a special bond with Christopher. They often spent hours talking with each other, and Amelia always wondered what they spoke about, especially since they usually liked to keep their talk a secret from everyone else.

Their talk did not take long this time, as Ernest set Christopher on his feet and the boy ran back to Mary.

Amelia turned to him. “If you asked Christian to get on a horse, the least you can do is watch him as he rides.”

Ernest shrugged. “Michael’s help is more than enough,” he said, waving a hand.

Amelia opened her mouth to disagree, but she knew that Ernest was right. Over the past few years, Michael had transformed to one of the best riders at the estate. He had started learning how to box as well, and Ernest often boasted Michael was almost as good as he was. Amelia was not quite concerned about Michael’s prowess at physical activities, though. All she cared about was that Michael had completely accepted her and Ernest as his parents and the twins as his brothers. He had a family once again, and Amelia couldn’t be happier.

“Besides,” Ernest said, his eyes twinkling. “I had a different kind of riding in mind.”

Amelia felt her cheeks grow red as Ernest’s gaze trailed down her body. She glanced at Christopher and Mary, hoping they were not watching. Thankfully, their heads were still bent over Mary’s knitting.

Ernest took her hand and started to pull her away. Amelia grinned, letting him lead the way, already feeling a warmth between her legs. They left the room, and Ernest looked around the empty corridor before he pushed her against the wall and kissed her, leaving her breathless.

Even after so many years of being married to her husband, the effect he had on her couldn’t be hidden. He always made sure to kiss and touch her secretly at every chance he got, leaving her breathless and wanting more. “What was that for?” she asked, panting slightly.

“I just wanted you to know what you’re in for,” Ernest said, before he continued to lead her to their chambers. “I hope you’re all set and ready,” he told her with a wicked smile on his face.

Amelia laughed, feeling the spark of anticipation as she followed the lead. She was ready.

When they reached their bedchamber and Ernest closed the door behind them, she felt his hands on her waist. He suddenly picked her up, leading her to their bed, and Amelia made a high-pitched noise at the unexpected movement, laughing hard.Ernest dropped her gently to the soft mattress of the bed, hovering above her with a loving but lustful stare, which made her heartbeat even faster than before.

“I’m not the one to blame. I have the most beautiful woman in the world as my wife and can’t control myself whenever I’m around her,” he said in a low voice.

“And I’m not the one to blame that I can’t resist the most handsome duke and father of my children,” she replied with a mischievous grin.

He laughed and gave her a playful peck on the nose, before trailing kisses down her body. The only thing she hoped was for this moment and every she shared with him to last forever.

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