The Lord’s Sweet Revenge (Extended Epilogue)


It was a perfect, warm late-summer afternoon nearly a year after Jacob and Caroline’s wedding, with clear skies and not a breath of wind. The lush green grass perfectly contrasted against the pristine white benches. Tables were decorated with white roses and greenery, and although Jacob did not normally care for social events, that afternoon was entirely different.

An old friend who Jacob knew from university, Lord Bellingham—or more casually known to Jacob as Winston—had returned to London after spending time travelling in Europe. Lord Bellingham, who had finally decided to settle back in London, had sent Jacob an invitation to the garden party at his new London home. It was quite a lovely townhouse in Mayfair, only a few streets away from where Jacob and Caroline resided.

Jacob grinned as Winston approached him, and he cocked his head. “It is good to have you back.”

“Indeed. I have certainly missed the grey and dreary skies of Town, not to mention the streets that are overrun with rats and people,” Winston said with a chuckle. “But, at least the weather leaned in our favour today.”

“You did indeed choose an ideal day to host this garden party,” Jacob said with a nod.

“What can I say? I am a man who makes only the finest choices,” Winston grinned. “And speaking of such, I must congratulate you on your marriage. It was rather unfortunate for me that I was unable to attend, and I do apologise.”

“There is no need to,” Jacob scoffed. “And thank you.”

“She is lovely, and I can see by the way you look at her that she makes you very happy. You are most lucky.”

“I doubt if luck had anything to do with it,” Jacob stifled an amused chuckle, “but thank you. She is truly delightful, and I am grateful to have her in my life.”

“You do look truly content, and it is well-deserved.”

Jacob smiled as he noticed Caroline approach him and Winston, and his heart fluttered when she gazed upon him. He still could not believe that she was his wife, and his feelings for her had changed so drastically from a year prior. If someone had informed his younger self that he would one day love and adore every part of her, and be wed to her, he would not have believed it.

He had been a broken man for many years, but Caroline had managed to put his broken pieces back together. They had been through rough paths together, bled together, cried together and loved together, and that is what made their bond so strong.

“Your husband cannot seem to stop speaking of you, my lady,” Winston said to Caroline as she joined them.

“I can surely say the same of you, my lord,” Caroline replied with a charming smile.

Winston chuckled heartily and turned to Caroline. “I must thank you for accompanying your husband this afternoon. I am truly honoured to meet the woman who tamed this wild one.”

Before Jacob was able to give Winston a warning glance, Caroline placed her hand on Jacob’s arm, perhaps to reassure him that he had nothing to fret over. She was by his side, and everything would be alright.

“Someone had to, is that not so?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Indeed. Indeed,” Winston said and looked at Jacob. “She is truly delightful.”

Jacob forced a smile and briefly glanced at Caroline. “Would you care for a refreshment, my dear?”

“That would be lovely,” she answered.

“Excuse us,” Jacob said to Winston, who gave them a nod of encouragement.

Jacob led Caroline to the refreshment table and handed her a glass of wine. “There you are, my love.”

Caroline’s lips pouted and she shook her head. “I would prefer a lemonade. The wine would not be good for me right now.”

“Are you certain?”

“Indeed. That is what the doctor told me, at least.”

Her answer caused Jacob’s stomach to drop and his eyes to narrow at her, and he studied her for a moment. “What is the matter? You do not normally converse with doctors.”

“Under normal circumstance, no.”

Jacob’s brow furrowed, not quite understanding what Caroline meant.

She smiled sheepishly and gently brought him to the side of the table. “I did not wish to tell you here, but now that you have left me no choice…”

“What on Earth are you talking about?” he asked.

“I cannot have wine for at least nine months,” Caroline said, a happy glimmer appearing in her eyes. “I am with child.”

For a moment, Jacob’s world stopped, and all his surrounding simply faded into the background. The only thing that stood clearly in front of him was Caroline, carrying his child.

“Are you certain?” he asked breathlessly, and she nodded.

Jacob’s heart pounded in his chest and he took her hands in his. “That is the most wonderful news I have ever heard.”

“I thought you might say that.”

“Caroline Follette, just when I think that I cannot be any happier or love you any more than I already do, you tell me such wonderful news,” Jacob said, feeling rather emotional.

He had not given having children much thought, but he could not be happier in that very moment, and he could not wait to meet his son or daughter.

Jacob had never known happiness such as this before. He had been convinced for so long that he would never truly be worthy of such good things in his life. Caroline had shown him that he deserved a happily ever after. Their life together had only just begun, and he looked forward to spending the rest of his days beside her.

Soon there would be an addition to their family, one that would bring even more happiness to their lives.

If that were even possible.


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  • This was a very good book. I was glad the story wasn’t long and drawn out, and they both found happiness in the end.

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  • Very Good read. Quite a few of the words are incorrect placed but are all are spelled correctly,i.e., all should be allow but avoid read nonetheless less.

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