The Marchioness’ Alluring Touch (Extended Epilogue)



Trent heard the crying from the next door, and, carefully as not to wake Scarlett who was sleeping securely in his arms, he got out of his bed and made his way to the joining room. There stood both his sons in their crib with sly smiles on their faces, proud of having woken their father up.

Their names were Thomas and William, and the two of them were quite a handful. They looked after him, but he was sure by their stature that their height would be from their mother.

He smiled at the thought for his dear wife, who once was ashamed of being so tall would in only a few years look at her sons proudly; as would he. For he sure was proud of his two boys and their mother.

The pregnancy had been difficult for Scarlett, and it was a miracle that she had made it through. There were certain complications with William, for which reason Scarlett had to ensure that her baby boy remain in her body for one extra day and only come out when he was ready.

That day was the most stressful for Trent, and as much as he loved his children, he wished never for Scarlett to have to go through that pain again. He had stayed with her during childbirth, holding on to her hand as she pushed the twins out of her body.

Scarlett’s mother was not very fond of the idea of Trent being present in the birthing room, but he would not be removed. His mother understood and after one of her talks with Scarlett’s mother made sure that everyone in the room knew it, too. He wouldn’t leave his wife alone at such a time as important as the delivery of the child was. It irked him how some people frowned upon the idea of the husband being in the child birthing room. The husband had the same role as the wife in the making of the child, and it only seemed right that the former needed to be present when the said child was to come to the world.

The days after were even more sorrowful, for while his children and his wife were all healthy, Scarlett was always feeling down. She looked after her children and did all of her duties as she liked to call it —but never smiled or talked much.

It had gotten to the point, that Trent had to start to force food down her mouth. He could not understand what was happening and was worried sick. Everything seemed fine to him and yet still Scarlett was losing her light or rather who she was.

He was beginning to think that it was somehow his fault, and only once he had discussed his fears with his mother did he understand that some mothers, after childbirth, felt the loss. It was odd for him to understand but he did his best for Scarlett’s sake.

His mother told him that because Scarlett had been hosting their twins in her body for the better part of nine months, her body had gotten used to it; and now with the lack of it, it was feeling a certain emptiness.

If anything, it only made him respect and appreciate his wife all the more, for it amazed him during their pregnancy how Scarlett and her body had expanded and made sure that their children were taken care of and provided with food and comfort.

Before that moment, Trent had never once thought on the importance of motherhood for he had always thought it was rather the upbringing of the child that was the responsibility of a mother. With that experience, he learned the other aspects of motherhood and began to look at the two women in his life differently.

Both his mother and his wife.

It was then it occurred to him that he would take Scarlett away for a while; perhaps to France for he remembered her mentioning that she wanted to visit the place. He had asked his mother, and she too seemed to agree that it would be good for Scarlett.

Scarlett had refused to employ a wet nurse preferring to be the one taking care of her children.

The years were blissful and happy. He only wished to have a daughter, but he knew that there was still time and one day he might get lucky. But for now, he had his hands full.

He picked up William, who was sucking on his thumb while Thomas began to cry.

“Getting a little jealous, are we?” He asked his other son, as he picked him up as well taking them to their mother. There was no way that Trent could handle both of his sons at the same time, and neither could Scarlett.

And if it was of any indication, he knew that their times ahead were to be full of such happenings all the more. There were still things he had to learn about being a father but he knew that he would.

Scarlett was always there helping him along the way, telling him that he was doing a good job. The reassurances were great, and sometimes all that he needed.

He entered the room and saw Scarlett suddenly closing her eyes. He knew that she was awake and was only pretending to be asleep, so he devised a plan. He got on the other side of the bed, as he put his sons down on the bed, caging them.

On one of their sides was Scarlett, and on the other was he. Scarlett still pretended to be asleep but could not do it for much longer, when William began to make his way towards his mother.

She let out a giggle as William placed his wet cheek against hers and opened her eyes.

“Good morning, my dear.” He said smiling at him.

She smiled at him and began to kiss her children. After gracing both of them, she turned towards him, with a happy smile and kissed him.

At that moment Trent knew that he would not trade such mornings for anything.

It was later in the day when Trent had come back from his work when he began to look for his family. He had looked in both the dining room and the breakfast parlor and had not seen his wife or sons. Trent was about to ask the maids when he heard giggling coming from the music room followed by someone playing.

He entered the room and saw both his sons sitting on the stool of the pianoforte with Scarlett in between them.

William was giggling while Thomas was playing the instrument with his chubby fingers. Scarlett was trying his best to explain to her sons the correct way to do it but Thomas would not have it.

“Thomas, that is not how you do it.” Scarlett said when Trent decided to announce himself.

“Are you teasing your mother, boys?” Trent asked and was pleased when both his sons and his wife turned to look at him with happy smiles on their faces.

He walked towards them and sat down, holding William in his lap, while Scarlett did the same with Thomas.

He kissed Scarlett on the lips and laughed when William put his chubby fingers between their faces and said, “Dadaaaa, me.”

“You want some kisses, too?” Trent asked, and William nodded his head.

With a smile on his face, Trent kissed William and ruffled his hair, while Thomas pushed out his arms out of Scarlett’s lap. Trent took his other son as well and did the same action with him when he heard his wife say, “I feel left out.”

“You want some kisses, too?” Trent asked, and Scarlett nodded her head looking at her sons.

“Boys, how about we kiss your mother now?” He asked, and the three of them attacked Scarlett with kisses, who only laughed.

“Okay, okay, stop.” He heard Scarlett saying while laughing, and he stopped.

He put his sons on the ground as they began to play with each other, and said to Scarlett, “Are you happy?”

He still could not believe that he had this life, that his life had turned out this way. He was blessed with everything.

“Yes, Trent. I am so very happy with you and our children.” Scarlett replied with serenity in her voice, smiling at him.

“But I do think something is missing.” Trent suddenly said, taking her hand in his.

“What?” She asked, looking worried.

“I think it is unfair that the only woman in the house is you. I think we might need to practice a little more to create another one of you. Hopefully, with all your perfection.” Trent said and saw her blush.

“Oh, Trent, must you talk like that in front of the children?” She said, reeling into him.

“I think our children should know that their father loves their mother.” He replied, kissing her cheek.

“Oh, I think they and all of our household know that you love me.” She mused, looking at her sons.

“And I want to remind you every day. I love you, Scarlett Mountbatten.” Trent said rather loudly, when Thomas said, “Me, too, dada.”

Both Trent and Scarlett laughed at their sons and at that moment, Trent knew he had it all. All the happiness in the world, and it was only because of the woman by his side.


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